My First Public Book Signing Event

Bookmiser Launch Party

The launch of my first novel, Son of a Bitch, began at a landmark bookstore right in the heart of my hometown, Marietta, Georgia, called Bookmiser. Run by a married couple, Bookmiser is a beacon for established authors and those like me who are just beginning their journey. Annell and Jim were incredible hosts, along with Betty and Charm (pronounced Sharm).

Forty people came to the signing, including one of my childhood best friends (and his brother and beautiful mother who I haven’t seen in decades) who came all the way from Savannah. It was an incredible surprise.

Instead of having me just talk, we devised a program where I would be interviewed by my good friend and writing mentor, Eddy Von Mueller. Eddy is a respected professor from Emory University’s Film and TV Management program – the equivalent to business school for film and TV hopefuls. Eddy’s former students have gone on to great success and become established and respected TV and film agents, writers, producers, directors and financiers in L.A., New York and now Atlanta. Eddy is also a frequent guest on NPR’s City Lights with Lois Reitzes.

I had such fun answering Eddy’s thoughtful (and sometimes pointed) questions and interacting with the attendees. We laughed a great deal about all types of subjects. At times, it got very serious when speaking about some of the books more difficult subjects like sexual harassment, family dynamics, and the criminal justice system generally. I even started to sweat when one attendee asked to me elaborate how I’d feel if my own children wrote a book about me one day and gave it a similarly snarky name.

Afterwards, I had my first opportunity to sign books (which is an unforgettable moment in the life of every first time author).

My biggest takeaway was the joy I felt in my heart when speaking about writing and the creative process (a subject matter I’ve loved dearly for over 20 years) and connecting with new and old friends about life and the challenges we all share. For me, the night was all about connection, and I loved, loved, loved having the opportunity to do that at Bookmiser.

Thank you Annell and Jim!